Hoarding Cleanup

According to Scientific American, “Between five million and 14 million people in the U.S. are compulsive hoarders.” It is much more common than previously thought, primarily because hoarders are often ashamed of their disorder and hide the problem from others until it gets to be an “out of control” situation. In about fifty percent of the cases, it accompanies another mental disorder, commonly linked to OCD, anxiety, and social disorders.

If you are a hoarder, or you know someone who is a hoarder, you should not feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. There are many reasons for the disorder and there are a number of qualified professionals that can help you. You do not need to live in shame or hiding any longer.

DC Eager Emergency Services is a company that cares about you, our customer, and your quality of life; we consider it our priviledge to help you with cleanup. You will not be judged and you, your home, and your belongings will be treated with respect.

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Dangers of Hoarding

Hoarding causes a number of significant problems to the hoarder, families, children, and pets. These problems can include:

  • Health problems from falls or accidents; the hoard inhibits emergency responders from entering the home to help or remove the injured person.
  • Health problems from mold; garbage, animal, and/or human feces and urine will result in mold causing respiratory, and other health problems.
  • Risk of death from fire; if a fire occurs it will spread quickly throughout the hoard and will trap the residents inside.
  • Health risk from unsanitary conditions; numerous health conditions occur as a result from living in unsanitary conditions.
  • Structural Risk; the excess weight from a hoard may cause structural failure and can result in severe injury or death.
  • Health problems from pest infestation; many serious (and sometimes fatal) illnesses are caused by rodent infestation and droppings.
  • Significant risk to children and animals; children and animals can be crushed from piles of hoarded items falling on top of them. Often animals become trapped and die from┬ástarvation. Animals and children are susceptable to respiratory illness from the dust and unsanitary conditions of a hoard.
  • Hoarders often lose custody of their children due to safety hazards and unsanitary conditions.
  • Animals may be removed from the premises due to safety hazards and unsanitary conditions.
  • Hoarders may be evicted from their properties; they are also at risk of becoming homeless if their property is condemned. They may be unable to rent or purchase another property and will also be rejected by some shelters if their hoarding can risk the health and lives of other shelter residents.


Why use DC Eager?

At DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC, we deliver high-quality workmanship in a compassionate and respectful manner. You will be listened to and we will share honest advice about your options. DC Eager Emergency Services has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are passionate about helping our customers and in our efforts to make the cleanup process easier for you we:

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