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We Educate Before We Estimate


DC Eager Emergency Services provides FREE ASSESSMENTS and restores all types of property damage such as fire, water, mold, and sewer loss with products are chemical free! Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we will be on site within hours of your initial call, responding 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


About Us


Darlene Eager, Owner of DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC, has been in the restoration business for 17 years. She has put together a fantastic team whom also share her love of the business, along with a passion for helping people.

As we specialize in taking care of all types of property damage within a residential or commercial building (ie. mold, smoke damage, water or flooding, sewer backups, etc.), we also specialize in taking care of the property owner. All of our products are chemical free!

If you have any questions or need help with any property damage needs, please feel free to give DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC a call to receive a free assessment. At DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC, “We Educate Before We Estimate.”

Why Choose DC Eager Emergency Services?

Compassionate / Caring Service

We’re not a large franchise who treats customers like just another number. We are family owned business with a dedicated group of professionals who understand the issues you’re facing and have the expertise to correct them.

We Listen to YOUR Needs

As damage to your home can be overwhelming, we listen to your needs and keep you informed of the process every step of the way.

We Stick With You Throughout the Process

As our services include the cleanup and dry down of all property damage, we don’t stop there. We can recommend qualified contractors that can help you repair your home after the damage has been removed and your home is clean.

We Make the Cleanup Process Easier for You

Upon authorization, we will take the burden of all the insurance paperwork from you and work directly with your adjuster. We will not turn anyone away based upon insurance coverage. By not being a franchise, we promise to keep our prices low and our quality high.


Written Testimonials

Betty Cruz Testimonial

"Excellent service."
Betty - 2018

Ray Napoli Testimonial

"Based on what I saw they were organized and quick and respected our house."
Ray - 2018

Greg Beecher Testimonial

"Excellent - should be added to preferred list!"
Greg - 2018

Sara and Brian Rufo Testimonial

"Excellent and thorough service. Work was done quickly and they made sure we were safe."
Sara & Brian - 2018

Martha A Goaigoa Testimonial

"The service was prompt and professional."
Martha - 2018

Theresa Flavin Testimonial

"Well done, professional and Quick to respond. I couldn't have asked for better help resolving this emergency issue with our home."
Robert & Sandra - 2017

Jon & Ester Sload Testimonial

"They exceeded our expectations. Very efficient and helpful."
Jon & Ester - 2018

Shanika Churchville

"From start to finish, DC Eager employees were reliable, thorough, and professional. Helped us deal with a stressful situation."
Shanika - 2017

Robert & Sandra Biddle Testimonial

"The service we received from DC Eager was beyond Excellent! The gentlemen (Brandon) was extremely respectful, compassionate and very detail oriented. He explained each and every aspect of the process!"
Robert & Sandra - 2017



Residential and Commercial Demolition Services
DC Eager’s team will not only complete your demolition project on time and on budget, but provide the clean slate you need to start your rebuild/renovation.
With our clean interior demolition services, up-front prices and convenient scheduling, you won’t have to worry about a thing.  We take care of the dirty work so you can move right into creating the home or office you’ve been dreaming of.

Benefits of using DC Eager for your demolition:

Professional staff responding quickly to your needs
Debris removal
FREE Estimates on every project
Fully insured
Certified in Mold and Lead removal in the case of any surprises that may be uncovered.

DC Eager gets involved in many demolition situations such as working for contractors to take care of all their demolition needs in a residential or commercial setting.  We have taken on the complete interior demolition of office buildings, down to just a bathroom within someone’s home.

Many contractors have considered DC Eager a major asset, as once we are completed with the demolition portion of project, they can begin the renovation.  As they are doing what they do best, making your home or office take on a whole new look, we are on to the next project preparing that space for renovation.  We provide the ability for contractors to take on more work, therefore, making more profit.

Residential Demolition:
Many homeowners don’t have the time, knowledge or equipment to take on the demolition portion of a project.  They are worried about finding mold behind a wall or “do I have lead paint?”  DC Eager’s professional staff is individually certified as well as firm certified in the safe removal ...

Gregory Testimonial

"DC Eager’s technicians were fast at their tasks and very professional! They were also very polite and respectful. I would recommend them to others."
Gregory - 2016

Sam & Maureen Testimonial

"DC Eager responded promptly to our emergency. Their employees were professional, knowledgeable and thorough in their restoration work. They worked late until the job was complete. The men answered all our questions about the damage AND cleaned up when they finished. They came back and took readings and monitored the progress as the basement began to dry out! I would highly recommend them to future customers! Bravo! Great job!"
Sam & Maureen - 2016

Dennis Testimonial

"DC Eager was very professional and helpful I recommend their services."
Dennis - 2016

Cyndy & Bob Testimonial

DC Eager's technicians were professional and responded promptly to our call. They were helpful, organized and did a very good job!
Cyndy & Bob - 2016

Richard & Dolores Testimonial

"DC Eager was efficient, amicable and professional. They were prompt, patient, diligent and I would recommend them to anyone."
Richard & Dolores - 2016

Cynthia Testimonial

"DC Eager was helpful, trustworthy, reliable and informative. They gave us very good service and met our expectations.”
Cynthia - 2016

Testimonial From Angela

"DC Eager responded promptly to my emergency call! Everyone was very friendly and calming during a very stressful time for me!"
Angela - 2016

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